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ProjectME with Tiffany Carter – Entrepreneurship & Millionaire Mindset

Nov 22, 2021

We are being attacked by thongs, side boobs, and now “vag cleavage.”

It breaks my heart when I see women acting thirsty on social media, falling for the good ole’ “sex sells.”

Without a doubt, if I showed more skin on Instagram, and had more sultry seductive photos, I would have at least 30% more followers and views…but what at what cost?

These types of followers and engagement don’t get you more money; these aren’t the people who are going buy your high-ticket programs or invite you to be on their popular podcasts. 

What you get by doing this thirst-trap crap is a boost to your ego, a little algorithm bump, plus a little voice in your head saying, “they are only here for the sexy pics.” 

The old Tiffany would have absolutely done this…thank God there wasn’t Instagram when I was at my worst, operating out of zero self-worth.

Even if you are in the wellness or fitness space, where you do need to show your body to some extent…you don’t need to sexualize it to create a successful stand out brand. 

For most women, society has taught us that our value is in how attractive we are, how desirable, and how accommodating…it’s bullsh*t.

Your true value is in your integrity.

In your expertise.

In your ability to connect and love others.

Not in your ab lines.

Not in your big bootie and small waist.

Not in your sexual divine energy.

Your looks get old with time, but your value is always increasing. 

For those of you feeling like you are too old, too fat, too shy, too whatever the fu*k,  to be on social media and use it as a business tool… listen to this interview with Digital Fitness Pioneer and Foundational Business Strategist, Cathy Savage (yes that is really her last name). 

Cathy has helped some of the biggest fitness influencers in the business create multi-million dollar brands and land hundreds of magazine covers, all with the strict rule of “not using their bodies to build their brands.” 

You can connect with Cathy on:

Instagram: @CathySavageOfficial

Facebook: @CathySavageOfficial/


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