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ProjectME with Tiffany Carter – Entrepreneurship & Millionaire Mindset

Jul 28, 2021

The Refrigerator Theory that will change your life.

I’m willing to share an embarrassing story so you don’t fall into this insane limiting trap.

It all started with a $4000 flat panel refrigerator…one of many purchases for the new house Mike and I bought together.

I’ve calculated it, and this fridge has now cost us >> $57,000 !!! And we still own it!!! 

After working perfectly for 2 years, the ice machine stopped working (of course right after the warrantee was up) and it would get completely frozen over.

Between Mike and I, we have both spent hours and hours or time researching how to fix it, trying to fix, complaining about it, and even going and buying ice. All of this time (not including aggravation) based on both of our current rates in our respective fields adds up to 57k.

This type of short sided, money-stubborn thinking has cost me a small fortune in my life and business.

If all of that time we wasted was spent on income generating activities, our entire mega luxury remodel we are doing would be paid for. 

So I encourage you to take a look at where are you being short-sided and money- stubborn in your life?

Maybe you are spending hours cleaning your house, when you could pay someone & use that time to build your business. 

Maybe you are wasting your breath and time, having the same argument with your partner, when you could put the focus on your own personal development.

Maybe you would have the time and energy to really go all-in on your business, if you hired child care a couple days a week, and the new clients you would bring in, would eventually more than pay that investment back times ten!

Maybe you keep trying to figure out how to build your business on your own, wasting tons of time, when you could have hired sometime like me to show you a proven strategy.

Listen to this episode, where I go deeper into explaining how our behaviors and habits that seem smart are actually blocking our success. 

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