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ProjectME with Tiffany Carter – Entrepreneurship & Millionaire Mindset

Oct 10, 2022

I had to let him go to save myself. 

Someone I loved very much broke my heart again and again and again, yet I kept trying to make it work, and get him to see the light. 

I was so focused on trying to get him to change, that I slowly lost myself. 

When you pour your heart into people who don’t appreciate it, you end up abandoning yourself. Typically without fully realizing it, until you’re left so broken you hardly recognize yourself. 

I knew I was going down with his sinking ship, and I had to gather the strength to rescue myself. 

And I did. 

Guaranteed this story is familiar to you, and if you’re an over-giving people pleaser like me, it’s happened more than once. 

We see the potential in others. 

We see the good. 

We deeply empathize with their pain. 

We get fixated on “if they only would ______” 

Once I left, I poured all of that energy I was wasting, into myself. Although it felt unfamiliar and selfish at times, it was when the deeper healing happened. 

Listen to this episode and set yourself free.

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