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ProjectME with Tiffany Carter – Entrepreneurship & Millionaire Mindset

Mar 15, 2023

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This is serious!

If you want to bring in more cash and clients, THIS MUST BE your main area of focus. 

Not > I need to go viral.

Not > I need to write more emails.

Not > I need to do ads.

Not > I need to just quit because nothing is working!

If you are getting a bunch of No’s and excuses from people, instead of them being excited to buy, one of three things is happening in their minds:

  1. They don’t believe your product, service, or offer is going to get them closer to their specific desired result.
  2. They don’t believe in themselves and are stuck in a self-defeating resistance pattern without realizing it. 
  3. They don’t 100% believe in you.

This doesn’t mean you are bad, incapable, or unqualified. The problem isn’t YOU, it’s that YOU have clearly conveyed in your messaging, your offer, your content, or your conversations a level of conviction that you are the expert, the creator, the coach, the service provider, etc… that THEY need RIGHT NOW. 

What ends up happening when business owners get a bunch of NO’s or NO INTEREST AT ALL, is you take it personally, and then go into a scarcity spin cycle. After coaching well over 150-thousand people worldwide, I see it over and over again. Here me on this…

It isn’t personal. It isn’t about you as a human. You are the face of your brand, you are the CEO, you are the creator or curator of your offers… So, it feels PERSONAL AF when no one is buying or doesn’t seem excited to work with you, and they go and hire someone else. Quite frankly, IT SUCKS. I’ve been there. This is why I am best qualified to coach you through it. 

Let’s start fixing this hole in your business right now, so you can get major cash flowing this spring.  

PRE-LAUNCH PRICING > Selling with Soul is my signature 5-week live group coaching program to teach you how to sell in a way that feels good to you and your ideal clients.  Details + Student Results + Join HERE.

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