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ProjectME with Tiffany Carter – Entrepreneurship & Millionaire Mindset

Feb 24, 2020

How you squeeze your lemons says a lot about you…

Are you someone who squeezes a lemon by putting in little effort, and you know you’re likely leaving some juice behind, but that little extra juice isn’t worth the extra work?

Or are you someone who squeezes the crap out of that lemon, not wanting to waste a single drop of the juice or pulp?

Most people fall into the first category of “squeezers.”

If you knew that extra effort was the difference between you being a 6-figure earning woman and a 7-figure earning woman, would you do it then?

I used to leave behind some juice in my first five years of business; I was too overworked and tired to have the energy to squeeze anymore. This was also the very reason why my business wasn’t growing, yes I made great money but not life-changing real wealth.

One of the first things my long-time business coach said to me was, “if you want to be a millionaire, you gotta think and act like one.”

To break down what that looks like, I brought on a 7-figure Coach and Growth Strategist, Kareen Walsh, she is also the proud creator of the lemon-squeezing analogy. She had no idea before the interview of my extreme love for using analogies when teaching.

Kareen Walsh has mastered integrating her heart of service and her business savvy to assist entrepreneurs and C-suite leaders of any industry align what they love with what they do every single day. Kareen believes income can always be earned, but fulfillment is what each of us should strive to attain. Kareen can disarm you with undivided attention and help you quickly jump into action after one short interaction.

Kareen loves to connect, here’s how.

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