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ProjectME with Tiffany Carter – Entrepreneurship & Millionaire Mindset

Jun 28, 2021

Stop buying into the BS hype…The myths and facts around getting consistent clients online.  

There is a crap ton of misleading information being spewed about making cash using social media, so I’m going to lay down the FACTS today, then you can make an well-educated decision if you want to do what it takes. 

More than 50% of revenue across 14 major industries is generated through social sales. 

This isn’t just for direct to consumer products like makeup, protein shakes, and clothes….75% of business owners and 84% of C-level executives say they are strongly influenced by social media in making their service-based hiring decisions

(Coaches, speakers, web designers, health specialists). [source: smallbizgenius]

We’ve now established there is an abundance of money and customers on social media….so how do you get a slice of the pie?

MYTH: You need to have at least 10K followers or subscribers to make any real cash on social media channels. 

FACTS: I’m not going to be one of those people who tell you that followers/subscribers don’t matter, that would be like owning a restaurant and saying the number of potential customers that walk by it everyday doesn’t matter. 

BUT the number of ideal clients in your audience trumps all!

  • 3% of your audience is ready to buy from you at anytime, so if you have 100 ideal clients in your audience, then you will be able to convert 3 of them!!!

MYTH: You need to be super creative, clever, and be tech savvy to make bank online.

FACTS: There’s a difference between content that performs well (gets the views/likes) versus content that converts into cash. The best client-generating content isn’t flashy, but it’s clear, sincere, and highly valuable to that specific person.

MYTH: The online “influencers” are all friends and promote each other, without those connections it’s near impossible. 

FACTS: I had not one single friend or connection in the online space when I started ProjectME with Tiffany Carter 3.5 years ago….when you help solve a specific problem for your ideal client, and do it with high-integrity, no one cares who you know or don’t know. 

Listen to this episode so you can clearly determine if you have what it takes to get consistent clients online. 

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