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ProjectME with Tiffany Carter – Entrepreneurship & Millionaire Mindset

Apr 28, 2021

If you want to make BOSS level cash, then you gotta act like one everyday!

Straight up, the reason why you aren’t making the level of cash you desire in your business, is because you are operating it like a low level employee instead of a CEO.

In my first 2 years as an entrepreneur, I can’t tell you how many times I...

Apr 26, 2021

Money is easy to make….WE are the ones who make hard.

Do you feel like making big money seems so far out of reach sometimes?

Then you see other people who appear to have all the abundance come to them so quickly and with such ease….it frustrates you like, “what in the hell am I doing wrong?”

You see, I’ve made...

Apr 21, 2021

Aren’t you tired of it all???

Aren’t you exhausted by your own self-doubt?

Sick of the negative thoughts in your brain?

Way over scrolling and comparing yourself to Polly the Influencer?

Annoyed at the fact you keep toe dipping on your dreams instead of just doing that damn thing?

I pray you answered YES to these,...

Apr 19, 2021

There are secrets to creating a standout brand.

Many experts have shared them, even taught them, but not in the direct way I’m about to explain them to you today.

If you want to create a business that makes bank, you must do one of three things:

  1. Solve a unique problem
  2. Solve a common problem in a unique way
  3. Solve a...

Apr 14, 2021

Anything that comes after these four words is a lie.

I hear these words from you guys multiple times a day… and I used to say and think them dozens of times a week my self.

“If I could just…”

IF I COULD JUST get my sh*t together.

IF I COULD JUST be more motivated.

IF I COULD JUST stop procrastinating.