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ProjectME with Tiffany Carter – Entrepreneurship & Millionaire Mindset

Dec 20, 2021

Right after I became a Millionaire, I lost almost EVERYTHING I had saved in 3 months.

I had a goal that I wanted to have a million dollars in the bank by the time I was 30 years old. Now, I didn’t quite know how I was going to achieve it, given I was working my corporate career at the time…but I was determined to make it happen.

When the “Old Tiffany” (as I refer to her), said that, it meant I would work my self to the bone if that’s what it took to achieve a goal. Based on what I was taught in childhood, I 100% believed the only way to make big money was to sacrifice almost everything and outwork everyone around me, so I did!

And it worked. Before hitting 30 years old, I saw a solid 7-fiugres in my combined bank and investment accounts (almost to the dollar….$1,000,004.27 to be exact). 

To this day, I remember exactly where I was when I realized I had done it….standing at my kitchen bar top in my luxury Los Angeles Townhome all by my self. There was a moment of pride, of feeling empowered, and it quickly shifted into dread and fear. 

“oh crap, what the hell am I suppose to do with all of this now?” 

“I can’t just keep it that would make me a greedy, horrible selfish person.”

I felt so uncomfortable with having that amount of wealth; it was like I was walking into a party butt naked. 

What do you think happens when we are wildly uncomfortable with something? We do crazy shit mostly sub-consciously to sabotage it, so we can go back to our comfort zones as quickly as possible. AND I DID!

Within three months, almost all of that money was GONE. All of my 12-14 hour days, usually 7 days a week of effort, GONE. All of my sacrificing my social life, my love life, my health, my happiness, GONE! I had pretty much nothing to show for those years of hard work, discipline, and dedication. 

What I didn’t know then is that this part of my story had to happen so I could learn the hard lessons, and then teach them to millions of others. 

When we avoid doing the deep self-worth work on ourselves, it is impossible to attract and keep the wealth, the love, and the relationships you desire. 

This is why over 80% of the people who win the lotto go bankrupt within a year. If we don’t feel comfortable with it, like we deserve to have it, we will end up pushing it away. 


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