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ProjectME with Tiffany Carter – Entrepreneurship & Millionaire Mindset

Mar 30, 2022

 This word makes me lose my mind! It’s the ULTIMATE abundance-blocker. 

Incredible how these 3 little letters can change the trajectory of your entire life.


Guaranteed, you have heard your partner say it, your kids, employees, family members, and yet part of you is still operating parts of your life under the “I’ll try” method. 

When my long-time private Spiritual Mentor Tony gave me the task to put a check mark on a Post-It every time I thought or said “try” for two weeks….I thought, “well I hate when people say it to me, so I doubt I say it much at all.” HA!!!!

I found this worn sticky note inside one of my favorite abundance books last week (can you say “divine timing”??!”)…. 127 check marks!!!!!

Keep in mind; I was already someone who cringed when I heard this word, ever since I had semi-private sessions with Tony Robbins in my 20s while working for a major pharmaceutical corporation. 

BTW, I don’t recommend saying the word “try” to Tony in real life, he broke my ass down hard, and I needed it. 

When you ask your husband if he would please fix the dripping faucet this weekend, and his reply is, “sure honey, I’ll try,” would you feel at ease and confident that it is going to get done?

When you tell your kid they must clean their room before they can go out with friends, and the reply is, “sure Mom, I”ll try,” would you not lose your damn mind?

You are doing the same thing with your own dreams. 

When you make a commitment to yourself on December 31st, to go all-in on growing your dream business this year and stop putting it off….but then it’s the end of January and you’re still “trying,” then February comes…”I’m trying but nothing is working”….then in March you know you are barely trying, and mad at yourself for it. 

NOW IT’S APRIL and you have a decision to make. 

Are you willing to commit to STOP TRYING and START DOING?

It’s understandable if you aren’t sure of what the difference is, as I wasn’t completely aware either. 

Trying is letting yourself have an option to NOT do, achieve, or complete the thing. 

Doing is setting yourself up to make sure you follow through and it gets completed. 

Trying is saying to yourself, your inner circle, and the Universe that your dream isn’t all that important to you…and therefor your actions will energetically match the words you continue to speak. 

Doing is based in action and energy; it’s a clear and strong vibe. This is when everyone around you including yourself knows you are going for it and THIS IS HAPPENING (and so it will). 

When you follow the “I’m trying” method, the Universe doesn’t take you seriously as you aren’t determined to make this manifestation in to a reality. 

You hold the power to change this TODAY. 

Notice what happens in your body, when go from the toe-dippin’ try to the ALL-IN energy of “it’s happening, and I’ll do my best to make sure of it.”

Which business owner would you bet on, the “tryer” or the “doer” ?


It’s time to start treating your dream like a business and not a side-hobby. 

Let’s get those clients and cash flowing, so you can do BIG things in this world. 

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