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ProjectME with Tiffany Carter – Entrepreneurship & Millionaire Mindset

Jan 24, 2022

You really don’t need to learn more, you need to do more with what you’ve learned. 

But your brain will try to convince you otherwise…because it is safer to be the student than is it to be an executor.

If you want to make that lifestyle changing cash before the seasons change again…then we’ve gotta get you DOing babe. 

You will NEVER know enough or be skilled enough to remove the fear, vulnerability, and anxiety of doing the damn thing.

How did I end up with a MAJOR top rated worldwide podcast?

By DOing!

How did I grow ProjectME with Tiffany Carter from Negative 25k (all business start in investment debt) to a million dollars a year in revenue in under 4 years, working 4 days a week ?

By DOing!

How did Beyoncé become one of the worlds top performing artists?

Not by studying, dreaming, and taking lessons.

By DOing! 

“But Tiff I don’t know even where to start there are so many things to do!”

I get it…this online business stuff can feel insane with all the things…so I’m simplifying it for you.

You only need to focus on 3 things to Make Bank online, and everything else is either unnecessary or bonus. 

My famous once a year FREE live training series 3 DAYS TO MAKE BANK is back by popular demand!

Time to get clear AF, know exactly what actions to take, and what to spend your precious time on to get that money honey. 

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