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ProjectME with Tiffany Carter – Entrepreneurship & Millionaire Mindset

Jan 16, 2023

 Calling myself out for all of us…a week in a negative brain spiral. 

This time of year, I call the “Pressure Cooker of Dirty Diapers.” It’s when the dopamine has worn off from the New Year’s high, and the DOING of all things is in full force. Everything feels like it’s spinning, it’s all too much, and it makes me want to quit and run away to the Italian countryside. 

In all honesty, I set myself up for this mental sh%t storm…without realizing it. You likely have to, which is why I’m sharing this story.

It started the second week of December, when I dreamed up a list of all the things I want to get done during the holidays and that “down” period between Christmas and New Year’s:

  • Clean out my closets to donate to charity 
  • Review and approve all of my emails & sales page for my big launch in 2023
  • Write a chunk of my book
  • Start Pilates again
  • Review every page of my website and provide edits to my team

Writing these down made me feel empowered like I have my sh%t together (insert the dopamine high). 

Then when the time came to do the things, I felt so overwhelmed it was paralyzing. Where do I even begin? It felt like so much, and none of it felt fun. (insert procrastination)

As each day passed that I didn’t cross off any one of these things, I started to beat myself up for being lazy, unmotivated, and not wanting to do these things that would only benefit me and other people.  

Then in an attempt to get some relief, I told myself I would do these things in January. Well…nothing changed. I then started to beat myself up even more, to the point that it ignited my depression and anxiety disorders. 

It wasn’t until day 5 of feeling like crap, that I caught myself. Since when does being hard on ourselves and beating ourselves up make anything better? Yet most of us do this on autopilot. Here I am after many years of doing this work, and I still get sucked into it.

When I shared this on Instagram, the response was insane. This is a widespread issue that needs to be discussed. Listen and learn how to shift out of it. 

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