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ProjectME with Tiffany Carter – Entrepreneurship & Millionaire Mindset

Jul 20, 2022

This almost got me fired. 

I was hired as a TV News Reporter for NBC before I even officially had my college diploma. 

My tenacity, determination, and a false sense of confidence allowed me to beat out thousands of others for the job. 

I thought my education and four TV internships prepared me for this job…but doing it in real life for real pay was a completely different level of pressure. 

The deadlines were insane! I had to find interview subjects, do the on-camera interview, verify sources, write the script, edit the piece, and record promos for the story in a matter of a couple of hours…there was no time for perfection. 

While I was barely putting together one story by the hard deadline, the other more experienced reporters had THREE stories done!

After 6 weeks My News Director (Boss) pulled me aside and said,” Carter, you’ve gotta start pulling your weight around here…you need to work faster.”

I was shell-shocked. The only way I could do that was by not caring if it was perfect, and just trusting my initial gut instinct. 

Given my lack of professional journalism experience, I didn’t exactly have that confidence yet. 

So I had to trust it anyway or get fired. No one noticed the difference between my highly perfectionistic news story to the (what I felt like was sub-par) three “get-er-done” stories. 

Your over-thinking and false belief that it needs to be perfect for it to pay off, have you bottlenecked in your business. 

Unless you’re a surgeon, getting it done is always a solid business plan. 

Waiting and obsessing over it to avoid any potential mistakes, ends up helping no one.  

Often times the mistakes that do happen are the biggest blessings of all (even in the medical world). 

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