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ProjectME with Tiffany Carter – Entrepreneurship & Millionaire Mindset

Mar 16, 2020

Instead of asking yourself if your feed is pretty and perfectly curated, you should be asking yourself, “will this image convert into cash?”

Recently one of my clients who is an aspiring Wellness Coach was holding herself back from going ALL-IN on her business because she didn’t have fancy edited photos for her feed. I got all fired up and said, “screw the pretty, that shiz is played out, let’s focus on branding that brings in the money!”

Yes Polly the Influencer has a beautiful dream-like feed with photos of her frolicking on beaches across the world (in skimpy white bikini causally holding a celery juice), but that doesn’t really matter if you are trying to build a brand. If your images are just pretty and they don’t help anyone or make any money, then you have a glorified hobby not a business.

In case you haven’t noticed, 90% of my feed contains really helpful, inspiring, and informative infographics….the high vibe “influencer quality” photos of me actually convert significantly lower than the pretty pictures. Now this isn’t the case for everyone’s brand, but it is for mine.

You have to look at your numbers and see what your audience really wants from you, not just the “likes” but are they generating DM’s, applications, purchases, and visits to your website?

If you want to learn how to create images that covert into cash, listen to today’s episode with my friend Brodie Pierson. He is an international leader in personal brand photography and content marketing strategy. He helps entrepreneurs create standout brands that SELL through his courses, speaking, and his top rated podcast.

He has crafted brands for thousands of thought leaders around the world including New York Times Best Sellers, women in Forbes, TEDX Speakers, and Best Selling Authors.

Connect with Brodie:

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