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ProjectME with Tiffany Carter – Entrepreneurship & Millionaire Mindset

Nov 27, 2019

Things I wish I knew in my first 5 years of entrepreneurship.

You guys, I was an entrepreneur long before it was cool, and before this whole #bossbabe thing, and #womensupportingwomen movement.

When I made the decision to start a side-hustle business and then quit my prestigious career in pharmaceuticals 11 years ago, I had one person professionally who believed in me, and one person personally.

Most everyone thought I was nuts to leave a high paying and high profile corporate career for a dream and a gamble. What they didn’t understand is that I had to, I couldn’t do the corporate grind and ladder climb anymore. I would rather had been a coffee barista then continue in that environment. Can anyone relate?

Those first five years in business were insane. It was the blind leading the blind, which left me making many mistakes, costing me tens of thousands of dollars, countless nights of sleep, and me contemplating quitting at least once a week.

This is why I’m so passionate about coaching all of you on how to make the money and impact you desire, doing what you love in a much smoother and more efficient way.

To help you avoid some of the big mistakes I made, listen to this episode, trust me you will save yourself thousands of dollars and thousands of hours just by listening.

Welcome to ProjectME the Podcast with your host Tiffany Carter, who takes the mystery out of making BIG money. A former NBC and CBS TV journalist, turned multi-millionaire entrepreneur, teaching you all things wealth, health, worth, and business. You can follow Tiffany on Instagram @projectme_with_tiffany  on Facebook @projectmewithtiffany and watch her TV episodes on ProjectME TV with Tiffany Carter on YouTube.