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ProjectME with Tiffany Carter – Entrepreneurship & Millionaire Mindset

Jan 17, 2022

You’re being a control freak and may not even realize it.

When my longtime Manifestation Guide said to this to me, I was SHOOK….“You don’t think you’re God do you?”

Me: “ummmmm no of course not.”

Tony: “Your behavior says otherwise.” (all said is a calm beautiful Lebanese accent) 

This conversation occurred after I came to him in a dramatic crisis probably for the 13th time that nothing was working in my business, and I’ll have to go back to Corporate Life if clients don’t come in soon. 

You see, I was placing demands on the Universe. Instead of praying I was telling God what I needed to have happen and when.

Then when it didn’t happen in my way or in my exact time frame, I would get pissed. “WHAT MORE DO I HAVE TO DO HERE GOD?! THROW ME A BONE!!”

It’s normal to slip into controlling behavior when we are scared. We want the discomfort to stop and to stop NOW.

The issue is when we’re in that demanding, controlling energy; we are crazy and not thinking clearly. 

This energy comes across as desperate, needy, and thirsty…not exactly an attractive vibe to potential clients is it? 

You really have to do your best and surrender the rest…obsessing and analyzing may feel like you are taking action, but you’re only burning yourself out. 

I surrender at least 5 times a day, no joke. This isn’t a one and done process. 

I’ll be diving into this much deeper inside the episode, and taking you through how I manage my need to control when I’m scared. 

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