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ProjectME with Tiffany Carter – Entrepreneurship & Millionaire Mindset

Jul 18, 2018

Every single one of us gets caught up in our crazy mind. If we don’t have a disciplined mindset practice to manage this monkey mind, it can sabotage all of goals and certainly our mood. 

Learning how to maintain an abundance or wealth-based mindset is critical to sustained success. I had no clue what #moneymindset even was for most of life, and therefor at a certain point I lost ¾ of my net-worth. Yup, I nearly lost all of the money I worked so hard to create and save.

In this episode, I am sharing some simple and straightforward millionaire mindset practices to give you the tools you need to achieve your dreams. If you already practice some mindset work, you will still learn something new I guarantee you that! As each person who has successfully practiced this work daily for years, develops their own unique tweaks and tricks.

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Welcome to ProjectME the Podcast with your host Tiffany Carter, who takes the mystery out of making BIG money. A former NBC and CBS TV journalist, turned multi-millionaire entrepreneur, teaching you all things wealth, worth, and business.

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