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ProjectME with Tiffany Carter – Entrepreneurship & Millionaire Mindset

Dec 26, 2022

Don’t you think you owe it to yourself to at least do this….

Numerous studies have shown that your thoughts on average are 80% negative or fear-based.  So if you are choosing to not consciously manage your thoughts, you are spending most of your mental bandwidth on low-vibe crap.

  • No wonder you’re exhausted. 
  • No wonder you’re still “toe-dippin’ “ on your business.
  • No wonder you’re in major resistance to doing the thing you need to do in order to build the business, the bank account, and the life you desire. 

If you set any New Year’s intentions or goals, let this be one of them: to prioritize feeding your mind and empowering abundant thoughts DAILY.  Truly none of your other goals will manifest if you’re working against a broke mindset. 

  • Set alarm reminders on your phone with statements of why this is all possible for you, why you are capable of doing it, and having it. 
  • Go on daily Abundance Walks or carve out even 15 minutes for Abundance Sessions (use my free 3-part series). You can do this anywhere at any time.
  • Install daily reader apps on your phone (they are typically under $5)…where you read a passage for the day when you wake up instead of scrolling or checking email. 
  • Set new boundaries around what media, conversations, and information you will take in: no more watching the news, no violent movies, no “broke-talk” in the home, mute or follow people online who ignite your scarcity mindset.
  • Of course, listen to my podcast and have that abundant energy and data poured into your brain.


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