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ProjectME with Tiffany Carter – Entrepreneurship & Millionaire Mindset

Sep 15, 2021

“Where do I even start?”

14 years ago, I said this same exact thing to a longtime client of mine in the pharmaceutical industry, right after he suggested I stop making millions for the company I was working for, and start making that money for my self.

His reply…”by taking one action at a time.”

I didn’t even know which actions to take first, given I’d never started a business before…. so I began by making a list of what I would need in order to get clients to pay me for my skill set.

We often overcomplicate EVERYTHING when we are uncomfortable and scared. This paralyzes many people to the point where they keep putting off starting their dream business, and sit in Stuckland USA… sometimes forever. You may be in that spot right now, and hating it. 

The fear of building something of your own is so unfamiliar; it is actually more comfortable for you to stay feeling unfulfilled and dissatisfied with your life. 

Until you’ve had enough and are really sick of your current circumstances and financial status, you likely wont be motived enough to take the necessary scary actions. 

If you aren’t lit up by your life, it is time to wake up and show up for yourself and the life you deserve to be living. 

How does a baby learn to walk? They start out by crawling, then standing all wobbly and falling, then two steps, and more falling…they keep doing it all day long day after day until they’re off running like little ninja tyrants.

The difference is babies don’t have a lifetime of limiting beliefs, traumatic experiences, or fully developed egos to hold them back. 

Imagine if you put all of your own head crap aside for a moment, and knew for certain you would not let yourself fail no matter what…. What would you go after in your life right now?

This is how ProjectME was born, and was able to get it to a million dollars in annual revenue in four years. I was willing to start all wobbly and fall many times until I got it. 

My guest today Colleen Odegaard, TV Personality and Award Winning Podcast Host, took the same risk. We talk about what it looks and feels like to show up messy, awkward, and step into the unknown, in order to honor the dreams we had on our hearts. 

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