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ProjectME with Tiffany Carter – Entrepreneurship & Millionaire Mindset

Jan 18, 2023

We’ve all done it…And we’ve all paid the price.

Not just once, but every single person who reads this has fallen for it multiple times. 

We are humans with giant egos. When an expert marketer knows how to push those greed-based buttons within us, we often BITE. 

Who wouldn’t want something that seems like such little work and effort in exchange for HUGE RESULTS and REWARDS?!!! 

>Bought the supplement promising to help us gain muscle and lose fat.

>Bought the course that would show us exactly step by step how to go viral with Instagram Reels.

>Hired the Facebook ads team and SEO expert thinking, “THIS is what’s going to triple my sales and audience, without me doing more work.” 

>Joined a group coaching program saying once I learn the “energenix (yes spelled with an ‘x’) of money and how to magically collapse time, everything will manifest at rapid speed.” 

It all typically ends the same way, in regret, disappointment, and shame. 

The hard truth that many people don’t want to believe is true, cause it’s not cute >>> to get BIG results, whether that be cash, clients, success, a super fit body, speaking a new language fluently, or growing a highly engaged social media following REQUIRES a BIG ENERGY EXCHANGE. 

>You have to dedicate your time consistently, even when you don’t feel like it.

>You have to spend money getting high-quality guidance so you don’t waste more time or energy.

>You have to do unsexy tedious work on repeat.

>And the hardest part is managing your ego, your patience, and your ability to trust yourself. 

Both of my multi-million dollar businesses weren’t built on my highly motivated, high productivity weeks, they were built on all the days when I didn’t feel like it and I chose to show up regardless. 

Same with my clients who have the most success in working with me….they put skin in the game, put in the work, trusted the process, and showed up as best they could on any given day. 

If I didn’t set myself up to show up on the hard days, the blah days, the aggravating days…there would be no ProjectME. 

Dishing on the truth today about what it takes to make money as a multi-passionate creative entrepreneur. 

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