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ProjectME with Tiffany Carter – Entrepreneurship & Millionaire Mindset

Mar 31, 2021

The two biggest mistakes I see when it comes to money and business.

After coaching thousands of people who come to be after months or even years of nothing working in their businesses, it’s almost always because of these two obvious yet sneaky mistakes.

  1. Focusing all 95% of your time, effort, and attention on figuring out how to build your dream business, instead of focusing on repeat action. It is far safer to our egos and nervous systems, to be studying, brainstorming, and “figuring it all out” than is it to do the damn thing.

No you aren’t going to get it perfectly right out of the gate, in fact, you won’t ever get it perfect. Your lack of willingness to do it imperfectly, do it before you are ready, do it and learn along the way, it actually delaying your dreams.

I’ve seen people stay in this “stuck” and Overwhelm Spin Cycle (as I call it) for years….all because that is more comfortable than putting your offers out there and risking it being a total flop, people hating it, and having to eat humble pie. 

  1. Not being willing to sit in the dirty diaper. There is this WILD expectation and belief that starting and growing a successful business is all Bali and butterflies. As soon as it starts feeling too uncomfortable, unsatisfying, and invalidating, you bounce on to the next thing. Sis, you’ve got to be willing to sit in the sh!t, if you want the gold.

The creative process of dreaming up and planning your dream business whether that be in real estate, network marketing, coaching, or healthcare is the honeymoon period of this relationship. As soon as the water is ice cold with no sign of any warm water coming anytime soon, 95% of people jump out, and jump on to some other shiny object.

When I say to y’all, I can only help guide you if you are willing to go ALL IN, that’s because after 15 years of coaching people, I know what it takes for you to be successful. I want you to hear from one of my clients on today’s podcast, so you can determine if you are ready to go ALL IN on your dreams.

Dr. Morgan Anderson is a clinical psychologist and relationship coach, host of the “Let’s Get Vulnerable” podcast, and creator of the E.S.L. Relationship Method. She helps women break the toxic dating cycle, raise their self-worth, and attract the healthy relationship they’ve always wanted in her 8-Week relationship coaching program.

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