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ProjectME with Tiffany Carter – Entrepreneurship & Millionaire Mindset

Apr 24, 2023

This will make me sound crazy.

There was part of me that thought; maybe I’d smoked too much weed in my life. 

Very soon after doing deep subconscious mindset and healing work with my coach, it was like some secret magical portal opened. And I started seeing sh!t. 

At the main yoga studio, I’ve been going to five days a week for over a year, putting my mat in multiple places on the wood floor, and taking from the same instructors….on this regular day something WILD happened. 

I look in the front of my mat while in a balancing pose, and there appears a clear friendly symbol with a face speaking to me. (This is when I thought I could be losing my mind for real). 

In a calm yet firm male tone of voice, he said, “I’m here.” 

I did acknowledge him after I looked around the room to see if anyone was staring at me. 

I kept this to myself, but I couldn’t stop thinking about Him. On my way to a yoga class the next morning I thought, “There’s no way he’ll be here again, that was some out-of-body moment.” 

But I secretly hoped he would be there. 

Halfway through class, I still hadn’t seen Him, so I thought “ see Tiff that was just a weird random moment.” Then about 5 minutes later He appeared with the same message “I’m here.” 

“WTF,” I thought, “it happened again.” I was shocked, and excited, yet didn’t fully trust it (more on that in the episode). 

I waited until this happened 3 more times before telling my Coach, and by this point, he had a name, “Bernard.” 

Brenda, who’s on today’s episode, was not surprised at all by this, what she said is, “Bernard has actually been there all along, you’re vibrating at a high enough frequency now to see and communicate with him.” 

The story only gets wilder from here.

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