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ProjectME with Tiffany Carter – Entrepreneurship & Millionaire Mindset

Jan 26, 2022

Is TikTok truly a good fit for you and your business? 

Ever since the platform launched, I’ve asked my self this question at least 100 times. 

Last thing I have the time and energy for is to spend more time creating content, unless I know for sure it’s going to pay off BIG TIME (and I love creating content, but this isn’t a hobby over here). 

You know I’ll always give it to you straight and tell you what the catch is….cuz there’s always a catch to everything. 

Truly this advice applies to any platform you are considering using for lead generation & brand visibility:

  1. You need to commit to going ALL IN on it, which includes posting consistently (for that platform), plus time & energy to study and learn the platform algorithm. 
  2. Create a clear plan to profit from your efforts…going into it without a stranger to client conversion plan would make this a “JOBBY” (a time-sucking expensive hobby). 
  3. If you aren’t getting consistent sales from the current social platforms you are on….you need to fix that problem first. Starting on TikTok won’t magically fix a foundational problem with your business. 

So after much analysis and market research, I’ve officially decided to go ALL IN on TikTok. In order to preserve my most valuable assist “MY TIME” I hired a top private TikTok coach to show me her proven ways….THIS IS BEST SHORTCUT. 

Pay someone who’s done it to show you how, so you don’t waste more time, energy, and money trying to figure it out yourself. 

Since I always share my knowledge with you guys, I’ve brought my new coach onto the podcast to spill the tea on this whole TikTok thing. 

Samantha Vlasceanu (@thetiktokcoach) coaches entrepreneurs on how to use TikTok to grow their business, without having to dance or doing tedious lip singing videos.  

You can connect with Samantha here: 

INSTAGRAM: @TheTikTokCoach

TikTok: @thetiktokcoachsamv

TikTok Masterclass Sign up link:

Tiffany’s 3 Days to Make Bank Free Live Training Series:

Registration link is below + all of the details on the 15k GIVEAWAY!! 


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