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ProjectME with Tiffany Carter – Entrepreneurship & Millionaire Mindset

Sep 28, 2022

Determine if your business is ready for membership.

You may love the idea of reoccurring monthly revenue but aren’t sure if you have a large enough audience to fill a membership. 

In order to have a successful membership, you don’t need hundreds or thousands of members. Some of the best clubs and support groups I’ve been a member of had less than 20 people in them. 

Now, of course, if you’re going to start by creating an intimate membership, your price point should be higher for this exclusivity, and for you to feel good about the time and energy being put into your members. 

10 members X $100/month = $1000/month

10 members X $25/month = $250/month

While you may get more people willing to quickly join at $25/month versus $100, you will need far more people to reach a monthly revenue that feels good for your efforts. 

Something else you need to consider is the amount of focused content/topics you will need to create for your membership. You want to make sure you pick something that you’re extra passionate about teaching; otherwise, you will hit a burnout point after a few months. (same holds true for podcasting and blogging)

There are no rules, you get to create a membership in a way that your audience and ideal clients will be excited to join and stay. Equally as important, it needs to feel fun and easy for you!

Listen to this episode, where I break it all down for you and give some options for getting reoccurring revenue into your business right away. 

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