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ProjectME with Tiffany Carter – Entrepreneurship & Millionaire Mindset

Dec 22, 2021

If writers block is preventing you from posting…keep reading.

You are never at a loss for words when you speak to your bestie are you?

If fact, you could probably talk to her or him non-stop for hours. 

I want you to start seeing your ideal client as a best friend of yours, but in order to truly embody that feeling, you have to build a deep relationship with them first. 

The reason why I am NEVER at a loss for what to share, say, write, or create for you guys is because I make it my priority and privilege on the daily to get to know you as well as I know by BFF. 

When you know what makes a person launch, cry, roll their eyes, scared, frustrated, angry, happy, calm, check out, etc…. you will always know how they will react to certain situations, world events, stories, movies, products, programs, and therefor always be able to connect with them at a deep level.


If you are constantly finding yourself stumped over what content to post, ask yourself these simple questions that I use daily:

  • What does she need to hear today to feel less alone in her pain?
  • What story can I share with her to remind her that she can do this thing?
  • What is something that will help her see a different perspective on her current situation?
  • What is something relatable that I can share or do to make her laugh?

Make it your mission to get to know your clients emotional makeup, and create content that speaks straight to their current struggles and core desires. 

Write and speak just as you would to her in real life…no fancy words needed, no perfect grammar necessary, just the simple, sincere, beautiful. raw and real you. 

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For the entire month of December, I will be donating $20 to my prime charity, Children of the Night, for every written Apple podcast review of the show. 

All you need to do is:

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I will be featuring the donors in my Instagram Stores throughout the month, as my way of saying thank you for being of service. 

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