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ProjectME with Tiffany Carter – Entrepreneurship & Millionaire Mindset

Nov 30, 2022

 Sample profitable caption template for you: 

This probably goes without saying, but keep in mind there isn’t any magical caption that will convert into cash if the foundations of your business aren’t set up. 

However, I have many business owners who come to be with the foundations set who are leading HEAVY MONEY on the table, by not knowing how to strategically create profitable content. 

Digital content is a marketing strategy, not a business plan.

LET ME BREAKDOWN AN EXAMPLE of high-converting caption:

HOOK LINE: 80% of your mental bandwidth should be dedicated to this line. If you do grab their attention, they will never read or watch the rest of your message. 

Ex. 98% of you are ignoring the most profitable content in social media.


RELATABILITY: Now you need to show your ideal client that you understand exactly where they are at…if people feel like you “get them” they will buy from you. 

Ex. Let me guess, you’re spending hours creating reels, writing captions, and making graphics while receiving little money in return. 

It’s starting to get old, isn’t it? Making you dread content. 


THE PROBLEM: Then point out what they are likely doing wrong, thinking, assuming, etc…

Ex. The issue is you’re thinking, “posting a bunch of stuff consistently” is a profitable content strategy, and it isn’t. This is why all of these influencers come to me with hundreds of thousands of followers and aren’t making sh!t.


SOLUTION: What should they be doing differently? What behavior change, thought shift, or technique will make a big difference? 

Ex. Your Instagram feed posts and fun viral reels are designed to expand your audience, and get in front of new people. 

Your Instagram Stories are only shown to your existing followers. So while it may not seem as exciting because the numbers of views are far lower (1-2% of your audience size)…these are where your warm leads live. 

> This is where the people are going to build a deeper relationship with you, and buy from you. 

Treating your IG stories like an afterthought instead of a priority is like going to Mcdonald's after a 90-minute gym session.  


How can they learn more from you? How can they hire you? How can they get more help with the thing you mentioned?   

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