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ProjectME with Tiffany Carter – Entrepreneurship & Millionaire Mindset

Sep 22, 2021

I started feeling like a FRAUD.

6 months after I started this brand and podcast (only 3.5 years ago), I wanted to quit…it felt like all I was doing was pouring my heart, soul, energy and time into creating, and NO ONE was listening, watching, or engaging. 

Here I already owned a multiple 7-figure business, was a highly sought after speaker and sales trainer, plus a professionally trained broadcaster…and no one seemed interested in a damn thing I had to say under my business coaching brand. WTF?!!!!

  • I would get 4 people on my Instagram lives, and 2 were 90 Day Fiancé’s.
  • My podcast only had a total of 5,000 downloads and a handful of reviews that I felt like I had to beg people to write.
  • On a good day I would wake up to two new DMs, one would be someone trying to get me to buy followers, and the other would be from someone I knew. 

Here I was teaching people about starting and scaling a business, and I was failing at it. “What A Fuc*ing Fraud you are Tiffany!!!!” 

If you know me, the core principal I live by and operate my businesses under is integrity….so everything about this felt TERRIBLE!

I took all of this external stuff as a sign that maybe people weren’t all that into me, and this was just a silly narcissistic stupid dream of mine.

Thankfully I learned through my years of doing deep healing work, to always pause and not make any permanent decisions from a meltdown moment. I prayed. I cried, I begged the Universe for a sign. I finally surrendered to whatever was meant to be.

I woke up the next morning with a clear message after breaking a wine glass in the sink, that I fell into an old familiar pattern of holding on too tightly and being filled with self-will, instead of allowing things to unfold as they are divinely meant to happen. 

Within only about three weeks of staying in the energy of surrender, my business, my podcast, and my audience sky-rocketed….The more I stayed in the energy of surrender, the faster my business continued to grow. This is hold true to this vary day. 

Tune into this episode and get yourself into a surrender state. 

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