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ProjectME with Tiffany Carter – Entrepreneurship & Millionaire Mindset

Jul 25, 2022

25k a Month is Simple.

The issue is you’re making it hard. Believe me, I know…I stayed in my own way for YEARS and didn’t know to get around myself. 

Assumptions pop up once you allow yourself to dream bigger and desire more. 

Your ego starts coming up with crap that you believe is required to achieve that goal, and it’s always stuff you’re currently lacking. 

To grow my coaching business to 25k months I would need:

> A team 

> Some special certification 

> Tech skills 

> To be more interesting…well spoken…have more followers

Who told you this crap? Probably no one…all assumptions you’ve come up with are based on watching other coaches on the internet. 

Ask and answer this question > If you knew it was completely possible for you to make 25k a month consistently just as you are today, would you go ALL IN and do the damn thing? 

Now the “yeah buts” start in….” yeah but, I’m not as ______ as you Tiffany. “Yeh but, I don’t have ______.”

See how your own ego is trying to money-block you? 

This episode is designed to address that resistant ego of yours with straight-up facts and proof. Leaving you with zero excuses to continue living a PLAN B LIFE.

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