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ProjectME with Tiffany Carter – Entrepreneurship & Millionaire Mindset

Sep 27, 2021

The millionaire success secret no one ever talks about. 

If you witnessed the average day here at ProjectME headquarters, you would be surprised at what this 7-figure business looks like behind the scenes. 

Me unshowered…wearing a bathrobe, using the counter as a desk, dreading most of the things on my to do list, having a crap ton of Zoom meetings, wishing I could clone my self, all while my Business Manager hounds me for tax stuff and investor documents. Sexy huh?!

But all of this is by choice. I don’t have to do any of this work…But if I want the BIG cash, the luxury lifestyle I love, the freedom and the options that success buys…then I’ve got to be willing to show up just as hard and grateful for all of the mundane and long days, as I do the extra fun and glamorous days. 

You have to get honest with yourself and ask the question, “do I want this dream life badly enough to do all of the things, especially on the days where I don’t feel like it?”

Millionaires have the 7 and 8 figures in their multiple bank accounts not because we showed up just when we felt motivated, inspired, energized, and productive…. it’s because show up regardless, and we are here to do whatever is needed.

Don’t mistake this for me saying, you have to abandon your needs, your heath, or your kids to be successful…. what I’m saying is you have to be willing to show up at some capacity everyday, and get the job done whether it fits your mood, energy, vibe, or schedule. 

Some days it sucks, some days it feels too good to be true, and many days are filled with mundane tasks, managing, and executing. You must sign up and show up for all of it, otherwise you are putting conditions on your dream life.

Imagine if you said to in your wedding vows that you will only show up for the marriage on your good days, when Mercury isn’t in retrograde, and when you feel inspired…

Based on your actions, what type of conditions have you been putting your goals?

In the last 14 years of being an entrepreneur, I’ve had to figure out how to show up regardless; in this episode I’ll be teaching you how to do the same.

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