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ProjectME with Tiffany Carter – Entrepreneurship & Millionaire Mindset

Jan 23, 2023

Hard truth…I wish I knew sooner. 

Some people don’t love you; they just love the benefits that come with you. 

The fastest way to weed them out is to set boundaries and observe whose behavior changes. 

A funny thing happens when we start to prioritize our needs and please ourselves; some people in our lives will become displeased. As you having weak boundless highly benefited them. 

At one point in my life, almost everyone in it was TAKING from me, and I was letting them. 

> Some drained my energy 

> Some drained my bank account 

> Some drained my confidence 

As a recovering codependent and people pleaser, I didn’t know how to all of a sudden set boundaries and new rules without pissing these people off. 

A wise mentor of mine said to me, “to avoid upsetting people, you’re willing to sacrifice your life?”

Well dang, when she put it that way! 

This is exactly why as your coach, I will always give it to you straight, as the tough truths and wisdom are what we need to hear (not always what we want to hear). 

If you state your clear priorities, needs, desires, and limitations make people upset and leave you, they never loved to begin with…they loved what did for them or what they could get from you. 

I brought an expert in dysfunctional dynamics and relationships on the podcast (@LauraKConnell), so you can deeply understand where the need to people please comes from.

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