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ProjectME with Tiffany Carter – Entrepreneurship & Millionaire Mindset

Apr 13, 2022

The amount of time we waste obsessing and caring about stupid stuff is a crime.

Every time we give our time, attention, and energy to people, situations, and things that either don’t deserve it or are completely out of our control, we rob ourselves of the beautiful life we desire. 

It would be fair for me to say that I’ve given away YEARS of my precious life with over-thinking, over-analyzing, and trying to control stuff that is completely out of my hands. Time is one thing we can’t get back no matter how much money we make or who we know. 

No wonder you’re exhausted and feel like you don’t have time to start that business, launch a podcast, create that program, write a book, or even luxuriate… have given all of your f*cks away, and haven’t saved any for yourself. 

The good news is while you can’t get that lost time back, you can make a pact with yourself today that you will start preserving at least some of your f*cks for yourself and your dreams. 

Some people in your life will not like it. In fact, they may even feel like you’re being “mean,” “different,” or “abandoning” them. This is how you will know you’re on the right track. It won’t feel comfortable at first; in fact you will probably feel like you’re a horrible selfish person. But you’re not. ( The fact you’re worried about upsetting others proves you’re not bad person.)

When we don’t save any of those f*cks for ourselves, we end up hating life, being resentful, and turn into a shell of our former selves. This is not good for anyone in your life. 

If all you want is to be “happy,” and to make money doing something meaningful and fulfilling that you love, then you must be willing to practice giving ZERO F*CKS to the people and things that don’t deserve them. 

This includes people you love. Your brain will tell you that “if you really care” then you would give ALL THE F*CKS…but if you want the best for everyone including you, then you must save a daily dose of them for yourself.

At this point you may be wondering, “WTH does this have to do with identifying your ideal client?” Listen to the episode, and you will see that this has everything to do with the mind-blowing stuff I’m about to teach you.

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