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ProjectME with Tiffany Carter – Entrepreneurship & Millionaire Mindset

Sep 26, 2022

Help raise money for the non-profit, Children of the Night, with this 2-part exclusive interview:

Children of the Night rescues children and women from sex trafficking, and get them the medical and mental treatment they need after years of extreme abuse and trauma.

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Hotline: 800-551-1300 24/7

RAINN 24/7 National sexual assault confidential hotline 800-656-HOPE

You don’t have to say sorry. 

Her tray table in an already noisy aircraft accidentally slammed down, and she promptly apologized to me, the other first-class passengers, and probably the tray table. 

I get it, without judgment…” I’m sorry” was my go-to phrase. 

I need to pass by someone at the market, “I’m sorry;” I got the name of a movie wrong, “I’m sorry;” I was 30 seconds late, “I’m sorry;” Crying because something made me upset, “I’m sorry.”

You may do this too. It can seem like you’re being polite, but what you’re really doing is demeaning and shaming yourself for being a less-than-perfect human. 

Now, I AM NOT SORRY. I may have gotten in your way a little by accident, and so what. If it feels right I’ll say, “pardon me.” 

In Italy, they say “scusi” (excuse me)…it’s said in a light non-self-blaming way. 

A pleasant Zeeeerrrrroooo fu€ks given.

Never apologize for being human. 

Never say “I’m sorry,” when you really mean to say excuse me or pardon me. 

Never apologize just to keep the peace or come across as polite (or “lady-like”).

This doesn’t mean you swing the pendulum the other way and be a BIOTCHY JERK…what it means is you stop automatically shrinking yourself down constantly for every little thing you do and don’t do. 

When I made this shift, I started to hold my head up higher…stopped attracting as many toxic people, and the abundance that rolled in was undeniable when I owned my worthy place in this world (flaws and all).

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