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ProjectME with Tiffany Carter – Entrepreneurship & Millionaire Mindset

Aug 29, 2022

Remember this > if nothing else…

Because it will happen throughout your entire life…

You’re going to have intense emotions come up around money, maybe you’re in that space right now. This happens because of what money represents for you. 

You’ve inherited beliefs and have visceral responses to receiving money, losing money, and desiring money that WILL control your life if left unaddressed. 

You don’t magically become abundant. You must do inner work to believe you are already abundant while managing the repelling thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs that WILL come up around money.

Both strangers and loved ones will project their own money noise onto you, and if you aren’t managing your own money energy daily…you WILL quickly absorb that abundance-repelling without even realizing it.

Just as you have to prioritize your physical wellness daily if you want to feel your best, you also must prioritize your money mindset, if you want to have true financial freedom. 

If you make the choice to be lazy or inconsistent with it, you will see that reflected in your bank account and business. I’ve lost a crap-ton of money this way!

I always say to my clients > “I can show you how to make millions with your business, but none of that will happen if your mind and nervous system are energetically resisting that cash.”

That’s why I incorporate money wound healing into all of my programs, my mastermind, and Posse membership. All too often, I watch people sub-consciously sabotaging the exact abundance they’ve been praying for…you get to put an end to this today (if you’re committed to doing the daily work). 

THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE until late next year to work with me at this level. 

Six months of dedicated guidance, strategizing, and support to scale your business to MILLIONAIRE STATUS. 

 > We start in September 


 My Summer Abundance Walk: Guided Meditation Series 

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