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ProjectME with Tiffany Carter – Entrepreneurship & Millionaire Mindset

Sep 23, 2019

I have a confession and I feel many of you will relate.

Since I started the ProjectME brand a little over a year ago, almost everything I’ve posted has had some sort of filer on it, or has been professionally shot and edited.

I want to say it’s not out a lack of self-love or confidence, more so that I love looking at pretty feeds and colors. That’s partly true, the other part is a lie I’ve been telling my self since the beginning this social media world…you (my people, my posse) would prefer to look at a filtered me versus the me with uneven skin, breakouts, cellulite, and lines on my chest from being a side-sleeper with big boobs.

So I said F it about two weeks ago, and started my weekly Bathrobe Business Sessions videos without being filtered….whew I was waiting for no one to watch them and even prepared my self for some rude comments. The opposite happened. You all loved it!

I took this scary leap, because I was inspired by another woman showing up as her self, loud and proud with zero filter. So of course I had to bring her on as a guest on my show. This episode is must listen. If you do one thing for yourself this week, listen to this episode. I encourage you to share your bathrobe selfie with #nofilter. Of course tag me so I can celebrate you. The real, raw, perfectly imperfect you.

Alexis Doss is a stay at home dog mom who has built on online wellness business from her laptop. She teaches, inspires, and mentors the people she works with in monthly wellness groups and in 1:1 private sessions. Her goal is to help them step into their truth and actually learn and understand over wellness as a whole - not just simply working out and eating healthy. 

She focuses on helping YOU learn to fall in love with YOU. She's worked with women who have struggled with things like eating disorders, self love or self esteems issues, PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), anxiety, and ADHD, to truly realize how good their minds and bodies are designed to feel. Joy is SO possible and she wants to share that.

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