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ProjectME with Tiffany Carter – Entrepreneurship & Millionaire Mindset

May 16, 2022

It’s so easy to slip into this because we are naturally wired to be on alert for potential harm.

The cave-woman version of you had to make sure you or your babies weren’t going to be eaten by a savage animal in the middle of the night. 

My point is, that we are naturally wired to identify negative, scary, sketchy, worrisome, and dangerous people, places, and things FIRST. So there is no avoiding these thoughts. What we want to do manage is to stay stuck in them. 

Social media makes all of this 100 times harder. 

You innocently go online to get some content inspiration for your business, maybe even save some Reels or TikToks that you want to recreate for your brand….and before you know it 55 minutes go by, and now you’re feeling defeated like everyone has more success than you, the anxiety and self-doubt hit hard…then cue the thoughts of “Do I really have what it takes?” “Why her and not me?”

Right, when you start feeling this way is when I need you to practice a thought pattern interrupt. Almost like you heard a loud voice on the TV saying, “WE INTERRUPT THIS REGULARLY SCHEDULED PROGRAM TO UNF*CK YOUR BRAIN.”

You need to re-type this into your notes app for easy access:

  • __________ (insert a loving nickname to call yourself-mine is “Little Tiffy”) you just saw a whole bunch of things that you want and don’t have yet, I know you feel overwhelmed right now and that’s ok. The Universe had to see all of these things as evidence of what is manifesting for you right now.


  • Spirit wouldn’t have brought this to your attention to make you feel less than, behind, or unworthy. What could be the bigger and more powerful reason why you experienced this today?


  • You came online looking for content inspiration and maybe some personal motivation…perhaps these feelings came up for you to create content around them for your people, content that is raw and speaks to the heart. 


  • You already have it all within you, love, the Universe is using discomfort and pain to wake you up, so you will use your gifts with the world

This new two-part podcast mini-series is designed to have you creating content for your business from a heart-space instead of a mind-space. This is when the abundance flows….once we learn how to connect with our ideal client on a deep level.

If what you’re doing isn’t really working, and it’s even feeling like a chore to you, be prepared for everything to get a whole lot easier for you.

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