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ProjectME with Tiffany Carter – Entrepreneurship & Millionaire Mindset

Jun 20, 2022

It’s not the money you’re after it’s the feeling you believe great wealth will provide you: Freedom, Options, Security, Experiences, etc…

Anyone who tells you that money doesn’t matter is either A: Already rich or B: is broke and has zero initiative to change their circumstances 

Money does matter… the more guilt and self-judgment you create around wanting more >>> the Universe will withhold that abundance from you. 

One of the top manifestation blockers I see when clients come to me is not allowing themselves to deeply desire, appreciate, and love money. 

You may feel like you NEED money…and that is a very different energy than desiring money. 

NEEDING it has fear-based energy attached to it…a thirsty kinda vibe. 

DESIRING has abundant energy attached to it…an attractive magnetic vibe. 

It can be scary to really DESIRE something because we are trying to avoid the pain and hurt if we don’t get it. That resistance actually causes us to NOT GET the thing we want. 

I had the same issue…I was completely unaware of it as I’m sure you were until now. 

Experiment by leaning out of need and into the energy of desire 

Get into the feelings of knowing this will happen for you without a doubt and you’re letting go of the when since you are putting your trust in divine timing. You are choosing to believe that this desire will happen at the perfect time, and for the greatest good of all.   

This new mini money manifesting podcast series is designed for you to binge on repeat when you slip back into that NEEDY ENERGY, and shift you into the energy of DESIRE. 

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