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ProjectME with Tiffany Carter – Entrepreneurship & Millionaire Mindset

Nov 24, 2021

My guess is you wouldn’t dread creating content if it was making you 50-120K a month would you?

In fact, if you knew the key to getting a crap ton of clients excited to buy your high-ticket offers was learning how to create highly profitable content….you would hand over your credit card, sign up, and show up with bells on. 

No it isn’t as simple as writing a post a day, and droves of people magically appear in your DMs, but it is an imperative skill if you want to generate consistent clients and cash online. 

There is no way around the Content Monster. This always hungry, never satisfied beast is real and not going anywhere. If you want to make BIG money online, you need to learn how to satisfy the Content Monster without burning yourself out in the meantime. 

A few key myths that are keeping you on the content struggle bus:

  • More content doesn’t equal more sales. Stop trying to be on all of the platforms hoping something will stick; this is not a profitable content strategy.
  • Pumping out Instagram Reels and TikToks without any content plan or foundational branding is a GIANT waste of your time (unless it’s a fun hobby for you).
  • Anyone who is trying to make it seem they simply post when they feel aligned to, and write from their intuition >>> RUN. They are either broke and this is a jobby to them, or they are trying to sell you by making it look easy.
  • You can’t hack or hashtag your way to growing your social media audience. Cheap tricks will attract cheap people, and those people will never buy from you.

Think of this as my Thanksgiving gift to you. If you implement my Profitable Content Formula that I breakdown for you inside this new podcast episode, you will without a doubt start attracting real quality buyers instead of people looking to sell you followers in the DM’s.

In case you missed it, there is still a chance for you to access the replay for free!!!

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