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ProjectME with Tiffany Carter – Entrepreneurship & Millionaire Mindset

May 15, 2023

I always thought something was wrong with me.

Going back to 4 years old in pre-school, we were playing “duck, duck, goose” and I would get so anxious that someone was going to pick me…where all of the other kids couldn’t wait to be tagged. 

I didn’t want all of that pressure or attention on me, and even as a toddler, I knew that wasn’t normal. 

Flash forward two years, at 6 years old I got kicked out of Sunday school for asking too many questions about God and proof of his existence. My deep questions were labeled as “disruptive to the curriculum.” Again, I knew something about me wasn’t like the others. 

My entire life I’ve had countless people mention how I see things differently, that I’m “too sensitive,” that I need to “let things go,” so I learned it was safer for me to isolate when the world’s energy felt overwhelming…but this only left me feeling more alone and like nobody understood me. 

One day about 6.5 years ago, a new friend of mine who just got her Reiki Master certification, mentioned that she is both an Empath and an HSP (highly sensitive person)… I had never heard of these terms before despite my 1000 years in 12 different types of therapy. 

In this simple conversation, I felt completely seen and validated for all of these things that I felt made me so weird and different from other people. 

This world is tough enough as it is, but as an empath and a Highly Sensitive Person, it can feel like too much to handle. The key is to work with these beautiful traits of yours and manage them with love. Today’s episode will open your eyes to a new way of navigating that big beautiful compassionate heart of yours. 

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