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ProjectME with Tiffany Carter – Entrepreneurship & Millionaire Mindset

Jun 22, 2022

This thought almost killed my dreams.

For ten years I would scroll and think that I could do this, and I wanted to do this, BUT, “who would listen to me when there are famous people like Tony Robbins?” 

Imagine how many more millions of people I could have helped make millions of dollars if I had just chosen to trust that I had this vision on my heart for a reason, and flippin’ go for it. 

You wouldn’t have that pull, that desire, that dream IF it wasn’t meant for you. 

The reason ProjectME with Tiffany Carter the coaching brand and podcast grew so quickly isn’t because I had connections, did ads, or worked 12 hours a day…it’s because the coaching industry was craving someone like me who was real, raw, and no BS.

There are thousands if not millions of people wishing someone like you existed to learn from, to hire, to connect with….and it’s your job to trust this calling and make some BOSS MOVES. 

I purposely brought on this MOM BOSS who started from scratch with zero help or connections….she’s going to share the steps she took to stand out from day one.

Sheila Bella is a Permanent Makeup Artist ( PMU ) who built a 7-figure business from scratch, and now she teaches other PMUs how to do the same through her Pretty Rich podcast and exciting coaching programs.

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