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ProjectME with Tiffany Carter – Entrepreneurship & Millionaire Mindset

Jun 29, 2022

I had it all wrong and it wasn’t working. 

When I first entered the online coaching world, I thought in order to have people trust me with their time and money; I had to show up as corporate newscaster Tiffany. 

Hair and make-up done

No swearing

Perfect Posture

Serious tone and Business-only mode

So I spend 18K on hiring a top video crew, glam team, lighting expert, and hundreds of hours of my time painstakingly coming up with high value detailed pieces of content. 


Only a short time in, I started dreading this new business I was creating, which was the exact opposite reason why I started it. I already had a successful 7-figure business specializing in the medical professional and pharmaceutical space…this is where Corporate Tiff hangs out. I started ProjectME the Podcast and Business Coaching brand to be 100% me, have fun, and help others make a mega yacht-load of money doing what they love. 

It was a Wednesday morning coffee moment when I decided to enter the ZFG Zone. 

“F it, I’m showing up like me, hiding nothing, and I’m only available to do this while having fun and prioritizing my physical and mental health.” 

If it didn’t work after a year of going ALL IN, then I could at least be proud of myself for going after it instead of obsessing over the “what if,” for one more dang year.

Within weeks my business and audience blew up by 800%. 

We are the secret sauce, just as we are on our bad, good, and in-between days. You have to believe that you are enough just as you are, and then be willing to boldly show up as the ZFG you. 

Being genuine and relatable is what builds a legacy brand. Fake people and money-only focused businesses always end in failure. 

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