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ProjectME with Tiffany Carter – Entrepreneurship & Millionaire Mindset

Jan 30, 2023

Advice that made me $2 million dollars…

First, you need to hear some of the back stories… there is no psychologist or highly successful businessperson in the world that would have said that “Tiffany has the perfect emotional makeup and skill set to build and run multiple multi-million dollar businesses.”

I’m risk-averse. My number one priority is always to feel safe and secure as a result of my highly traumatic childhood. 

I’m an empath, introvert, and intuitive, who is highly sensitive and I can take EVERYTHING to heart. 

And you will love this one, I’m pretty lazy. I’m not some Type A personality, who gets off on being competitive. 

You get the picture here…

When my first business wasn’t budging at all, and here I was working 12-hour days, over-delivering to my 2 clients, and desperately trying to figure out how to stop trading my time for money….. I called my Lebanese Law of Attraction Coach in a full-blown entrepreneur meltdown. 

In his calming beautiful accent, he said, “Tiffany how we operate in one area of our lives is how we operate in all areas of our lives.”

(This took me at least 10 minutes to process.)

So we started to examine how I operate in my intimate relationships, friendships, money, my personal goals, at the gym, with pleasure….THERE WAS A UNDENIABLE TOXIC THREAD.

The great news is once we identify the problem, we can get to work on the solution. 

I’ll be walking you through this exercise, along with my podcast guest Barb Nagle today. She’s a Boundaries Coach, who specializes in working with ambitious and sensitive women. 

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