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ProjectME with Tiffany Carter – Entrepreneurship & Millionaire Mindset

Aug 20, 2018

Michelle Weinstein, also known as “The Pitch Queen,” teaches entrepreneurs how to sell without being or feeling sleazy. She teaches her clients how to have empowered sales conversations, own their value and worth, and skyrocket their top-line revenue.

On this episode, Michelle takes us through her 5-part PITCH sales method, step by step. I have to say, as someone who has been involved in well more than 100 million dollars worth of sales transactions, her method is simple yet spot on.

You can sign up for her “Sell Without Sleaze” course at

You can connect with Michelle on any of her social pages:

 facebook  |  instagram  |  linkedin  |  twitter  |  youtube

Plus she has a great podcast, check it out: Success Unfiltered podcast.

Welcome to ProjectME the Podcast with your host Tiffany Carter, who takes the mystery out of making BIG money. A former NBC and CBS TV journalist, turned multi-millionaire entrepreneur, teaching you all things wealth, worth, and business.

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