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ProjectME with Tiffany Carter – Entrepreneurship & Millionaire Mindset

Nov 21, 2022

Be an intentional entrepreneur, not a sometimes entrepreneur.

If you want to make major BOSS-LEVEL cash in your business then major boss moves are required. 

It still blows my mind that people complain about their audiences not growing, they aren’t getting clients, and “nothing is working,” yet when I ask them to break down what daily actions they take…it ends up with maybe 1-2 hours of dedicated time on random crap. 

If you showed up as an employee operating like this, you would be fired. So why are you half-assing your business activities, and getting upset that you don’t have full results? 

Entrepreneurship is incredible, but for you to be successful at it, you can’t play it safe, be cheap, try to find a shortcut, or slap something together and pray it works. This is a setup for failure. 

What’s required is this:

> Showing up regardless if you feel motivated, energized, or inspired. 

> Investing in your business BEFORE you are making any real money. You wouldn’t let someone cut your hair who’s never done it before, would you? So why are you trying to do this on your own and expecting it to go well? 


> A heaping dose of patience. None of this will happen when or how you want it to. Your job is to keep showing up UNTIL it works, not only showing up IF it works “this time.” 

> A marketing strategy that feels genuine and fun to you. Having a great talent, offer, or product doesn’t matter if the right people don’t know it exists. (Hint: a few Instagram posts a week isn’t a profitable marketing plan.)

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