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ProjectME with Tiffany Carter – Entrepreneurship & Millionaire Mindset

Dec 28, 2022

Your ego doesn’t want to buy into simple or easy. 

God forbid abundance is just there for us, and we don’t have to greatly sacrifice ourselves for it. 

Your ego will manipulate you into believing EVERYTHING you desire is going to be hard, painful, and take up so much time, energy and money. Then you will stay exactly where you’re at right now, which feels in a sick way “safe” to you, because it’s what you know, it’s familiar, even if you don’t like it. 

In order to have the money, the love, the support, the fulfillment, the lifestyle, and the business you desire…. boss-level change is required, and you’ve formed a belief that these changes will require you to do stuff that doesn’t sound fun. THIS IS WHY YOU ARE STUCK IN RESISTANCE. 

Let me ask you this > If you knew the actions required to grow your business to 5 and 6-figure months were going to be most exciting, fulfilling, and energizing, and you wouldn’t have to sacrifice time with yourself or your family, would you prioritize doing what it takes RIGHT NOW (even with all the fear feelings)?

Your inaccurate and unfounded beliefs are keeping you in such a high state of resistance that it’s blocking your abundance. The key here is to challenge those beliefs with love and compassion. 

This is where I came up with my ABC Technique to myself and my clients out of a fear spiral and back into The Abundance Zone. 

Perfect timing to do this exercise with me live on the podcast before the New Year and come back to this episode daily if necessary. 

Otherwise, you won’t change, you won't grow, you won’t take unfamiliar and uncomfortable actions, and 2023 will be another year you don’t achieve the dream life that you want for yourself. I won’t allow that on my watch. 

  • Of course, listen to my podcast and have that abundant energy and data poured into your brain.


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