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ProjectME with Tiffany Carter – Entrepreneurship & Millionaire Mindset

May 20, 2019

If you are debating on starting a podcast or have one that is slow to grow, you landed on this post for a reason.

One of the biggest misconceptions about starting a podcast, an Instragram channel, or a YouTube show is that if you pump out good content and consistently they will grow steadily and organically. HA! Unless you are Kim K. or Bieber this ain’t happening.

So then how in the hell do people get hundreds of thousands and even millions of podcast downloads? There is no short answer, that’s why I’m going to tell you in today’s podcast.

I brought on master podcaster, Chris Burns, Host the Be Your GPS Podcast, he has conducted more than 500 interviews of inspirational role models, influencers and leaders. 

Clients hire Chris Burns, to help them start or grow their own online show (or podcast) and encourage them to step into their Greatest Possible Self™, and achieve higher levels of personal and professional performance. He does this by focusing on your PURPOSE, your PRESENCE, and your PLATFORM. 

You can connect with Chris on:  

Chris' Facebook:
Chris' Instagram: @IAmMillionaireChris

Welcome to ProjectME the Podcast with your host Tiffany Carter, who takes the mystery out of making BIG money. A former NBC and CBS TV journalist, turned multi-millionaire entrepreneur, teaching you all things wealth, health, worth, and business. You can follow Tiffany on Instagram @projectme_with_tiffany  on Facebook @projectmewithtiffany and watch her TV episodes on ProjectME TV with Tiffany Carter on YouTube.