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ProjectME with Tiffany Carter – Entrepreneurship & Millionaire Mindset

Jan 13, 2021

Time to drop the guilt around asking for money.

Why is it that many of you are super zealous and zero fu*ks about helping people for free, but as soon it time to go into launch-mode and charge people, you energetically shrink down into a mushroom-size version of your incredible self ????

Most of you probably answered with, “I know I do this, but I don’t know why.”

I’ll tell you….It’s because when you are doing something for free, there are very low expectations. I mean, how can anyone get that mad at you if you are simply being of such service and helping for free, right??!!!

As soon as it’s time for you to launch, charge, share your prices, have a sales call…it becomes terrifying, because there is a belief and fear that you won’t be able to deliver for them, or get them the results they desire, and then you will be to blame.

  1. Your job is to help your clients move the needle in their life, not to do a full-on drastic life makeover. Yes, that can happen….but people are just as thrilled with a 5% or 10% improvement on an issue they’ve been struggling with.
  2. There are no guarantees. All you can control is how you show up and fulfill what you promised you would deliver. You can’t control if someone goes into self-sabotage, if they don’t show up 100%, and if they don’t do their part.
  3. Just because something comes easy to you and is enjoyable for you to do, doesn’t mean it’s wrong to charge for it. Your gifts and talents are a result of years of you practicing, learning, studying, and living it… earned your right to charge for it.
  4. Making money gets to be fun; it doesn’t have to be miserable like corporate conditioning has taught many of us.

If you feel like I’m inside of your brain, go listen to this podcast episode. Time to step into your zero fu*ks zone around money.

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