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ProjectME with Tiffany Carter – Entrepreneurship & Millionaire Mindset

Feb 9, 2022

This is going to piss the “Instagram Gurus” off, but most of them are full of hype.

If I see one more dang Instagram Reel telling people to post one reel a day, two feed posts, 12 stories, plus go live every day, in order to grow your following and business….I’m going to lose my mind!

Posting just to post is not a profitable strategy to scale your business using any social media platform. The magic formula I use and teach to hundreds of thousands of people, which I’ve tested on repeat for the last four years is this:

  1. Post content that connects emotionally to your specific ideal client.
  2. Strategically design your content to build trust quickly,and empower them to buy.
  3. Promote your offers using face-to-camera video consistently (in a non sleazy or manipulative way).

Posting more DOES NOT EQUAL more clients or sales. This will end up hurting your business, because you’ll get burned out by the Content Monster, lose your creativity and fun…..and that miserable energy repels people. 

I make at least 50k/month from Instagram alone using this exact formula. There are at least two days a week where I post nothing on Stories….I only put out 3 Reels a week, and I do 7 feed posts a week because I have people helping me with my content…I could get away with having 4 posts a week and I wouldn’t lose any money. 

BUT NONE OF THIS WOULD WORK if I wasn’t having fun creating content. If you feel chewed up by the Content Monster right now, I would rather you take a break from creating content for a few days, heck even a week if necessary for you to regroup and find the fun in it again.

There is no better person to show you how to infuse fun and creativity into your content than my client, my friend, and my ProjectME Instagram Stories Expert  and Social Selling Strategist, Emmy Cornwell (@heyheyemmy). 

Emmy started from scratch and now makes 5-figures a month from Instagram alone, with less than 10K followers. I’ve brought her on the podcast so you can up your content game, plus learn how to promote more than one thing to your audience without confusing them. 

You can connect with Emmy here:

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