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ProjectME with Tiffany Carter – Entrepreneurship & Millionaire Mindset

Aug 25, 2021

Ask for what you want, and act as though you are going to get it.

Most of us can get the point where we will at least ask the Universe or God for what we want, but then for about 90% of you it goes to sh*t soon after the ask.

Our egos want to see immediate evidence that our manifestations are happening in our desired speedy timeframe, and then when we don’t, we lose hope and faith.

This is the opposite of how the Law of Attraction works, which is why it really hasn’t been working super well for you.

To attract what you desire into you life, FAITH IS REQUIRED.

When nothing feels like it’s working, STAY IN FAITH THAT IT IS.

When everything is taking way longer than you could have imagined, STAY IN FAITH THAT THE TIMING WILL BE PERFECT.

When you are seeing evidence that it isn’t possible, STAY IN FAITH AND REFOCUS ON EVIENCE THAT IT IS POSSIBLE.

 You have three main jobs when it comes to attracting what you want:

  1. Clearly ask the Universe for what you desire, and be as specific as possible.
  2. Do whatever it takes to stay in the energy of faith, this is happening for you in perfect divine timing.
  3. Align your actions with your core desires, regardless of what comes up for you that day.

You get the blessing of learning from one of the brightest and more grounded energies I’ve come across this year. The Artist Monet was the creative genius behind my 12 looks during my epic Miami photo-shoot. Even more importantly, her spirit set the energy for this high profile project…it was clear to me she was a Master Manifester that was meant to be my teacher.

Listen and learn how to ignite and fine-tune your manifestation practices, so you can start calling in the abundance you deserve on repeat.

You can connect with Monet on:



FACEBOOK: @monetartistry

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