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ProjectME with Tiffany Carter – Entrepreneurship & Millionaire Mindset

Feb 24, 2021

 If you tend to overthink then I guarantee you’re over-complicating success.

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You have something big you want to go after, whether it’s starting your business, growing it, or switching careers…

You get all excited and do tons of research, maybe even buy a course, sign up for a free training, buy your domain name….you’re on a high and are certain that you “doing this thing!”

Then all of your research and studying starts making your brain hurt, it all feels like a lot, now you are more confused than ever on the next right steps, and feel so overwhelmed that you “just need a break,” and completely check out.

Mmmmmmmhmmmmmm… I know you so well, because that used to be a pattern of mine. After all Virgo’s are famous for overcomplicating EVERTHING.

The best way to stop the “Spin Cycle” (as I call it) is to regroup and simplify.

First of all, you have a buried belief that in order to be successful it’s going to be  “a lot of work,” “really hard,” “complicated,” “not fun,” etc…. Because how could something so great like major financial success doing something you love be easy?!

Well, it’s not always easy and fun, but it also isn’t nearly as complicated and hard as you’re making it.

First thing I do when I start to feel overwhelmed, I pause, go take a walk, a bath, or run errands to reset my energy, then I ask my self these three questions:

  1. How I can make this process more fun and easy?
  2. What is the immediate next step I need to take? Not steps 3-25. If I truly don’t know, then my next step is to either research, ask a friend, or hire someone to help guide me.
  3. What are my specific 3 non-negotiables I will commit to doing every single day that will eventually generate income in my business? (ie. Create 2 pieces of high-value content, work on current project X, nurture current clients/audience)

Now go listen to this new episode to learn how to make your fears work in your favor.

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